Manfred Bartmann

Manfred Bartmann

From the late 70s to the early 80s Manfred Bartmann took part in the German folk revival. The Irish Bouzouki was his main instrument then. Nowadays he prefers a 5-string guitar. The tuning comes from the Irish Bouzouki as well as from the Sahraoui guitar, which is a specially tuned Spanish or electric guitar. It is common amongst the Hassaniya speaking people in the so-called trab al bidhan - the North African "land of the white people" - which comprises the Western Sahara, Mauritania as well as small parts of Algeria, Morocco and Mali.

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CD Frisia Orientalis II, released Sept. 2017. Cover artwork © courtesy of Mehdi H. Sardehaii (IRN). Available ! Please send me an email (see CONTACT)

Making Music of Speech...

Manfred Bartmann: Frisia Orientalis II 2017

Behind-the-scenes video by B.Rothauer (ÔBAXÈ Music) and M.Bartmann

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